Hunt Packages

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Trophy Pricing – Includes up to a 2 day hunt. Meals and lodging can be found less than 15 minutes away at local hotels and restaurants. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are provided.


Hunting is always unpredictable however we are confident that you will like what you see on your hunt with us. We have been conducting hunts since 2003 and are very capable of getting you the shot opportunity on a trophy class animal. When a shot opportunity presents itself it is  up to you to do the rest.  


Axis Deer – $3500
Axis doe meat hunt – $700

Blackbuck – $2500
Blackbuck doe meat hunt – $550

Fallow – $5500

Scimitar-Horned Oryx – $4750

Barasingha – $6000 by Permit Only

Meals are not included in the price of the hunt. There are local restaurants within 15 minutes of the ranch in Gonzales and Luling, Texas. 

Our trophy hunts normally consist up to 2 days of hunting.  Typically our hunts start at noon on the first day and end at noon on the last day. We have two properties that we conduct hunts on. One is 170 acres and the other 512 acres. Axis, Blackbuck, Fallow, Barasingha, and Scimitar Oryx are on the 170 acres. The 512 acres has Red Deer, Axis, Blackbuck, Fallow, and Scimitar Oryx.

All of our hunters stay must stay at a local motel in Gonzales or Luling, TX which are less than 15 minutes from the ranch. All bow hunts are from ground blinds or spot and stalk. Bow hunters will need to practice your shots sitting down. It can change your form if you are not used to shooting while sitting down. Our ground blinds have a standard height chair where you shoot out of a window that is about 8″ wide, 10″ tall. The hunting blind can be 6′ diameter or 6’x6′ square. We will have bait at various angles in front of the blind at distances 15-40 yards away.  You can expect shots in these ranges.  Our shot opportunity is about 70% for bow hunters.

In the event that you draw blood or a hit is observed  on an animal, the remaining balance of the trophy fee is due.

Hunters are responsible for having a valid Texas Hunting license. 

For non-resident hunters, a 5 day temporary  non-resident  hunting license can be purchased locally or from the Texas Parks and Wildlife website. This will allow you to hunt exotics in Texas.  

Each hunter needs to have their firearm or bow sighted in before arriving. Bow hunters need to be capable of shots out to 40 yards from a sitting position. This is how you will be hunting with us in a ground blind.

Each hunter must sign a release of liability and agree to our hunting rules before beginning any hunt.

Prices are subject to change at any time prior to booking.

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