Trophy Barasingha Deer Hunts


Double Arrow Bow Hunting offers excellent trophy barasingha hunts each year. We have a breeding herd on our property in Gonzales County where we select to cull and manage the herd through a program with U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

Barasingha are a deer that is native to the Indian subcontinent in Asia, however our herd has been established here on our property since 2005 and are a proven example of wildlife conservation through hunting. We started with only three and have over 20 as of 2017.

Barasingha bulls can weigh in the 400-500 lb. range with cows weighing 250-300 lbs. The bulls go into rut in the late summer to early fall and will strip their velvet in mid July. It is best to seek a trophy barasingha hunt in July or August before they break points on their antlers. It is recommended for rifle hunters to use a good medium caliber or larger bullet such as 25-06 or larger for this size of game.

What to bring on your hunt:

  • Binoculars
  • Bow or rifle
  • A great attitude, ready to hunt and have a great time

What is provided for your hunt:

  • Transportation on the ranch
  • We take you to your hunt stands and also provide cape/quarter of your game into your ice chest
  • Guide service
  • Daily snacks, water, and juice

Trophy Barasingha Deer- $6000 

Cow meat hunt – $800