Trophy Axis Deer Hunts


Trophy axis deer hunts can be conducted all year, but the best time of year is from May to November.  Be prepared for warm weather hunting when you hunt axis deer.  Our bow hunts for axis deer are conducted from ground blinds with room for two people in the blinds.  It is preferred that the hunters have dark camo from the waste up  when hunting from our ground blinds.  Our bow shots are anywhere from 15 to 40 yards with feeders at about 20-25 yards.  In the summer months we may hunt over water and shots can extend 40 yards and beyond.

The size of our bucks typically range from 30″-36″ beam length with inside width from 24″-28″. Vitals on an axis buck are farther forward and lower than a whitetail deer.  Body weight of a mature, 6 year old axis buck can be around 230-250 lbs. Axis does will weigh from 115 to 140 lbs. 


What to bring on your hunt:

  • Binoculars
  • Bow or rifle
  • A great attitude, ready to hunt and have a great time

What is provided for your hunt:

  • Transportation on the ranch
  • We take you to your hunt stands and also provide cape/quarter of your game into your ice chest
  • Guide service
  • Daily snacks, water, and juice


Trophy Axis – $3500; Trophy axis are usually 30″ and up.

Axis doe – $700